I am that i am

Hi there,

i am debbo.

I am a strong and unlimited being,

full of love and light.

And i shine that love and that light into the world

from within me.

i am my own source of love, joy, laughter, pleasure and happiness.

i am free.


I love love.

I love life.

I love sunflowers and cats.

I love cooking vegan food.

I love spending time with my beautiful friends.

I love this earth so much.

i love travelling.

i love dancing freely.

I love my family.

I love going to markets.

I love organic shops.

I love making my home beautiful.

i love differently abled people.

i love everyone equally.

I love going for walks in the sun.

I love being naked in nature.

I love nature.

I love trees.

I love animals.

I love music.

i love meditating.

i love laughing.

i love sex.

i love making money doing what i love.

i love being myself.

I love it when people smile at me.

I love children.

I love it when i make someone happy.

I love to cry and to show my emotions.

I love myself.










I love you.

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Copyrights/Artist Rights

You have the right to implement everything that i am saying on this website in your life. if it helps you, it as an absolute pleasure for me.

please feel free to take as much as you can take from my words, videos ect.

Thank you

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