I am that i am

Hi there,

i am debbo.

I am a strong and unlimited being,

full of love and light.

And i shine that love and that light into the world

from within me.

i am my own source of love, joy, laughter, pleasure and happiness.

i am free.


I love love.

I love life.

I love sunflowers and cats.

I love cooking vegan food.

I love spending time with my beautiful friends.

I love this earth so much.

i love travelling.

i love dancing freely.

I love my family.

I love going to markets.

I love organic shops.

I love making my home beautiful.

i love differently abled people.

i love everyone equally.

I love going for walks in the sun.

I love being naked in nature.

I love nature.

I love trees.

I love animals.

I love music.

i love meditating.

i love laughing.

i love sex.

i love making money doing what i love.

i love being myself.

I love it when people smile at me.

I love children.

I love it when i make someone happy.

I love to cry and to show my emotions.

I love myself.










I love you.