I dont want to set a fixed price. I send it to you, and you tell me how much you want to pay.

I trust you. ♥




This is personal. You cant just click a button.

Please contact me. Tell me who you are and what you need.

Tell me the size you prefer and i will create something with it.

It might take some time but it is for you.

And i will create it with love, for the sake of your happy heart!


Heart warmer.


Like a heat pack

you put a layer of happiness over my heart.

Your smile gives me strenght,

it won't let me fall apart.


Heart warmer

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    Copyrights/Artist Rights

    You have the right to implement everything that i am saying on this website in your life. if it helps you, it as an absolute pleasure for me.

    please feel free to take as much as you can take from my words, videos ect.

    Thank you

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