My biggest fear was the fear of being left alone. I have healed myself from this unconscious fear that has been buried within me and that has been triggering my actions.

The fear of being left resides within the thought of not being whole. You can only be left when you think that there could be something missing.

That you are not enough already. Realising that you are whole.

That you are enough.

That you need no one or nothing to complete you for you are already complete

heals you from the fear of being left.

No one could possibly leave you

for you bring each and everyone into your life

and set them free

when it’s the right time.

People come and go at the perfect time.

Just when they are supposed to enter or leave your life.

For they are there for you as long as you needed them to be there. So leaving is only a sign for not being needed anymore. And the greatest gift you could possibly give is to surrender

and fully accept everyone entering and leaving your life

for they are always on the right path,

just as yourself.

Realise that you are whole. Being you is enough. People come and go

and even if they leave they’ll always be with you. They’ll leave an imprint in your life.

They’ll leave an imprint in your soul. They become part of you even when their physical appearance disappears.

You are a part of everything that you encounter on your way.

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