The beautiful bug that I never really appreciated is sitting on the glass of the window. I watch it.

See it for the first time.

I see how beautiful it is.

I see it’s perfection.

For the first time i see it for what it is. I see and I think. And I start making assumptions. It must want to be outside.

It must be walking up and down that window because it’s trying to find a way out. So I go there. I watch it. I see it’s perfection. I admire it. And I hold my hand against the window wanting it to get on it so I can put it outside. It tries to escape. I try it again. It tries to escape. I have made the assumption from my observation that it must wanna go out. But It clearly stated: Leave me alone. I don’t want your hand.

So I only opened the window.

That’s all you can do in any situation with anyone in your life. No one can be forced to be. You can only be openness for them.

You can be open for their path. You can be open for their truth. You can not make them do anything.

Unfortunately we assume straight away. We haven’t learnt it any different. And we don’t even assume because we want anything bad. We assume things that we think must be good for others from our experience. Assumptions always come from our point of view.

They completely leave out the other person. It’s a very self centered behaviour. It’s closing us in and the other one as well.

The bug found its way out. I only had to open the window. That’s all we can and all we gotta do.

I have learned this now.

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