All is forgiven for there is nothing that could’ve happened in any other way.

Forgiving is freedom. It’s a gift you’re giving to yourself and everyone in this world.

All is forgiven. All will forever be forgiven for there are no mistakes but only sign posts for you to know yourself. Forgiving is the greatest act of giving you’ll ever be able to do.

Forgiveness is love. Forgiveness is truth. Forgiveness is freedom. Forgiveness is healing.

Let love unfold. Let it be young and grow old. Let it flow through all your actions and words. Let everything your eyes touch be loved by your soul.

Weave the net and make it bigger. You’ve got endless resources to start over and over again. Love naturally flows out of you. Always and forever.

Healing comes in many shapes. But it’s in all of us. Human connection is one of the biggest solutions for our problems. For problems become smaller the more they are shared.

We take bit by bit into many hearts until they fade away into the beauty of oneness.

The smallest action is part of the biggest impact.

Its all meant to be.

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