We are like plants. We say plants are just plants.

they don’t have the capabilities of us human beings.

But if you think properly they have the fully functional capabilities.

Imagine how a seed already carries all the information for the growth of the plant.

It’s the same with us. We carry all the information within us as well.

The only difference is that we mindfully have to access it,

while this is the natural state of being for plants.

If we would make this state of being our natural state of being,

everyone would know their whys and their purpose.

We would live our full truth and potential

because we would just let the seed that we already carry within sprout!

We say human consciousness is superior to plant consciousness.

Now if you read that,

you might wanna think about it again who is living their truth

and who isn’t.

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please feel free to take as much as you can take from my words, videos ect.

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