when i put up my stall in the cities of this world, i've always got my typewriter with me.

People come up to me and sometimes, i get the chance to write a personal reminder for them.


  • Fill out the contact form

  • tell me what you wish to be reminded of

  • or just send me a photo through my e-mail adress

  • Dont forget to add your adress

  • donate whatever value this has for you

  • happily wait for it to arrive

  • that's it! Easy peasy!


Feel free to donate

whatever feels right for you:

So what is a personal reminder?

I believe that in our daily lifes, we tend to forget about ourselves.

And we need to remind ourselves of the things we forget.

That's how we change our lifes.

When do we ever tell ourselves:

"Hey, you are amazing! Don't judge yourself. You deserve to be as happy as you can possibly be. You deserve to be free. Stop for a second and embrace the incredible being that you are.

i love you so much."

We tend to be so negative, destructive and discouraging with ourselves.

instead of lifting us up, we put ourselves down with our thoughts, words & actions.

I don't believe that this is what we wish for.

I believe we wish to feel great, accepted and simply joyous and happy with who we are & with the life we are living.

because i can only give away personal reminders, when i put up my stall and i have a very limited reach, i decided to go online.

You can get your personal reminder from me now.

 wherever you are in this beautiful world.

You have two options:

either you tell me what you wish to be reminded of, if there is anything in particular that you tend to forget about throughout the day.

or you simply send me a photo of your beautiful self and i will just pour a reminder straight from my heart for you.

(If you decide to send the photo, just use my regular contact email adress, instead of the contact form. I wish for the photo, because i still like to have an image of the person i get to remind. so we can keep it a bit more personal than just a name. I mean, i like your name but i love seeing your face as well:) )

please add your adress in the form

And also, you choose what you pay

Just like when i set up my stall, i wish for you to chose what you would like to pay for the reminder.

WHatever it is worth for you, you pay.

money is an exchange of value.

So howevermuch you value this act of love, that'll be perfect and very much welcomed!

You can then donate what you wish through paypal:

Estimated time of arrival:

I Will not state an estimated time of arrival. Unless you wish to receive it for a specific day (state this when you contact me), i will send it to you, when it feels right (Don't worry, i won't wait 6 years for that, but it might be an unexpected arrival, which makes it even more special i think.

when your reminder has arrived, put it in a spot where you can see it as often as possible!

i am so much looking forward that i get the chance to send you a typewriter letter full of love, positivity & encouragement, so you can go out into this world and always be reminded, that you deserve everything you wish for and you absolutely deserve to love yourself for who you are and who you wish to be.

And now, feel free to contact me.

(i am so excited already!)

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Copyrights/Artist Rights

You have the right to implement everything that i am saying on this website in your life. if it helps you, it as an absolute pleasure for me.

please feel free to take as much as you can take from my words, videos ect.

Thank you

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