Hey you beautiful being,








We have so many questions about everything in life.

And sometimes we don't know where to find the answers.

And Sometimes we dont want to ask.

All we want to do is to share.

To get it out, 

so we can set it free.

Guess what:

I dont have the answers for you.


i know 

one thing  for sure:







i wanna talk to you.

I wanna have a conversation with you.

A conversation with love.

I hereby offer you an open space to share,

express and feel what you need to feel.

So you can find and release the answers

that you already have within


So many times we have conversations

and we instantly judge or feel judged.

We dont even dare to express and share 

what we truly want to share,

because we are afraid of the others opinion.

Here are my 11+1 Promises to you:


  1. My only opinion is that you naturally deserve to be loved   

  2. I dont Judge;NEVER!

  3. I Purely listen

  4. I help you to set free what is trapped within you

  5. I am always honest and real with you

  6. I care about you

  7. I will receive you as you are

  8. I will openly share my insights about life

  9. I help you free yourself from worries, self doubt & all the other shit we hold to keep ourselves small

  10. I sprinkle positivity into our conversation

  11. I dont do bullshit!


+1.   I love you for who you are!

If all of that resonates with you,

if you want to be listened to,

if you want to be received as you are,

if you want to set yourself free from all the shit you carry within,

if you want to be loved exaclty for who you are

& Leave this conversation

with lots of new insights into yourself 

& into life,

with lots of power,

positivity and new found joy

that was already within you,




For every conversation i will schedule 60 minutes for now.

If we need longer and i've got time,

i wont shut you down.

What about money?

"Money is just a tool. its an exchange of energy."

I want to provide you with the pure energy of

unconditional love & Time.

For 60 minutes face to face or ear to ear

(whatever you prefer)

i am asking for an exchange of:

77,77 €

Additional to that i will send you 2-3 Times a week

for  a total of 4 weeks

supportive, insightful & personal reminders filled with joy & happiness

thourgh email,

to guide & lead you on your path.

 i want to make this attainable for as many people

as possible.

If you truly cant afford it, but you really would love to talk,

let me know and we will figure something out.

"There is always a way!"

This is a donation based service.

If you feel like you wish to value this conversation

more, it is your choice

to support me with more afterwards.

"My main goal is to purely make you rediscover the love,

the truth and the answers you carry within yourself.

to make you realize how beautiful and how perfect you are,

exactly the way that you are."

"The more we fall in love with ourselves, the more we fall in love

with each other & the world."

This is why i am offering this.

To support & help you guide yourself.

To help you attain all the love and the happiness,

the joy and the pleasure

you wish.


I love you,


Reviews from former conversations:


to speak to debbo is to have a healthy reflection of my thoughts. She gives a non biased, non judgemental, clear perspective. Allowing my thoughts to be present as they may in the presence of love.

"Shanette Adams"


Debbo has inspired me and made me think about myself. Who i am, what i am doing and what i want to be. And what i need to do about it, to be the real me. From now on I'LL try to be the real myself and i wont care about peoples judgements!



This pure openhearted soul allows you to have a conversation from heart to heart. Its about sharing experiences or emotions on a neutral base. Its about the feeling of being understood and loved, like a soft guidance towards the basic principles of being a reminder that we are supposed to just be ourselves in oneness with the world inside and around us.



Having a conversation with Debbo feels like coming home to the truest part of myself. Not only is she a flowing channel of unconditional love, but she reminds me that i am this as well. We all are! Thank you Debbo for devoting your life to reminding us of our true nature.

"Katie Ryan"


Speaking with Debbo is like receiving the divine innocence and vast unconditional love of your soul’s light being shined back upon you with magnified radiance and clarity... a true gift of illumination and pure presence!!


Debbo is truly a gift of love! She holds space with pure presence and having a conversation with her helps me to reveal my own love and light. What a blessing to have met her!